12 Entertaining Anime to Watch

Best of the Entairtaining Anime to Watch

Anime is similar to watching incredibly engaging and thrilling cartoons; only they’re produced in Japan. They take you to a wide variety of locations and have interesting stories and characters. It’s similar to reading a fantastic book, except that everything is displayed on the big screen.

You can feel joyful, sorrowful, or excited while watching anime, and you can also learn new things while having a great time. Anyone can enjoy it, regardless of where they are from; it’s kind of like going on an exciting journey without leaving your seat.

The ability of anime to cover a wide range of subjects and artistic forms is what makes it unique. Action-packed anime series with thrilling battles and adventures are common. Others focus on relationships and sentiments, displaying how people feel and engage with one another.

Additionally, science fiction, fantasies, history, and even daily life are all explored in anime. Drawing and designing the characters and the world they live in with a lot of imagination is one of the cool things about animated films. This can make the shows incredibly lovely and distinctive, occasionally even breathtaking.

One of the Best Entertaining Anime, Naruto (Credits: netflix)

Kids, adolescents, and older individuals of all ages can enjoy anime. It’s similar to reading a great book; it is just that one has to watch it on display. It might be humorous, dramatic, enigmatic, or just plain enjoyable.

The best part is that there are so many different anime programs available that you can always find one that suits your mood. It’s like getting to choose from an unlimited number of stories and adventures!

Think of anime as a vast, vibrant collection of tales you can watch on your screen. Genres in anime are as varied as those in books. Superheroes saving the planet, detectives delving into crimes, lovers finding each other, and even supernatural beings going on thrilling journeys are all subjects of anime. One of the cool things about anime is that it doesn’t hesitate to deal with strong emotions and thought-provoking concepts.

Full Metal Alchemist

It is a story of two brothers who are close to each other and live in a world of alchemy. Brothers are always doing experiments so that they can achieve something magical and something worth watching. When they were kids, one of the brothers found ways to bring back his mother so that she could not suffer in life.

In the experiment, one of the brothers loses his leg and one arm, which proves that the experiment also comes with consequences also. One of the brothers even loses his whole body. They use their intelligence to restore what they lost.

In the academy, it is all about using knowledge to bring people back to life and speed up their experiments. Meanwhile, the process is not easy to get as it comes with lots of political issues and sinister experiments. The brothers also discovered the dark secrets which were causing all the issues.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Credits: Bones)

In their adventure, they discover that a stone can change the whole game, which is known as the philosopher stone. Here is a magical stone that everyone wants so that they can change their life. The task is all about finding a magical recipe to find ways to bring back their life. They are blessed with certain powers which they often use for their best, but every incidence and experiment has its consequences and outcome. These brothers also suffer some of them.

  • Director:Seiji Mizushima
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 2009
  • Where to Watch: netflix

Attack on Titan

The whole anime comes with an anime world where humanity is at risk, as Titans are ready to destroy the whole world and the people living in it. Walled city people wanted to save themselves from Titans and find a man who could protect them, like a hero who would protect the whole of humanity.

Here we have the main lead, Eren, and his sister Mikasa who are real heroes and want to save the world. Before joining the army to save the world from the Titans, they were living a peaceful life. A journey of two siblings with revenge against the Titans.

As they started discovering the world of Titans, they realized that there are deeper secrets existed. Sibling as they explore the titan’s world, they get to know that there is a harsh reality which is why it would be a real battle to fight with them.

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan (Credits: netflix)

Titans come with the theme and story of freedom, survival, and mystery. To completely end the rule of Titans and its cruelty to humans. The unexpected twist and turn come with the conspiracy and strategy of the enemy. Titans are best when it comes to powers and ruling the whole world.

The bond between Mikasa and Eren is worth watching, and the dangerous journey in which they choose to fulfill their revenge. An act of revenge and war against the Titans is what the whole story is all about. Attack on Titans is a strategy made and planned by humans who want to get rid of these people so that they can live in their world with peace without any sense of attack from Titans.

  • Director: Noah Luke
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 2013

My Hero Academia

The interesting anime My Hero Academia takes place in a society where almost everyone possesses unique abilities known as Quirks. The main lead, named  Izuku, can be seen as a boy born and only a single individual without a Quirk in a culture where having one is the standard. Despite this, Izuku aspires to be a hero like the legendary, the world’s most powerful hero.

Izuku meets his hero named All Might and discovers that being a hero is more than just having a Quirk, as per his thinking. It is also about having a heart of gold and an ambition to help other people. Further in the anime, Izuku decides to become like his inspiration and doesn’t care about now able born like a quirk. 

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia (Credits: netflix)

Izuku wanted to be new to her, and he joined a school for it to become a future hero as he realized his newly acquired skills. He comes across a variety of classmates there, each with their special quirks and dreams of bravery. In the anime, Izuku goes through intense schooling with his friends, including controlling his powers and developing into a strong hero. They also come across real villains who pose dangers to society by using their Quirks for bad.

Izuku is forced into dangerous scenarios as the plot grows while battling villains and trying to save innocent lives. They discover that being a hero requires making difficult decisions and making compromises in addition to overcoming villains.

The themes of courage, friendship, and the difficulties of saving the world are all explored in anime. It shows how its characters develop as they face their greatest fears, conquer personal challenges, and push themselves to become real heroes.

  • Director: Kenji Nagasaki
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 2016
  • Where to Watch: netflix

One Punch Man

The anime one punch man is comedy anime, which comes with a lead character named Saitama. Who wanted to be a hero just for fun and make people happy by becoming one.

His role as a hero with time becomes a danger for him as he is not prepared for it. With time he became a real hero when he realized that he needed hard-core training to become one. After hard-core training, he is now fully ready for a mission.

Now he is in a found of a powerful opponent so that he can prove his power to all people; in his journey, he joins many of the people and heroes like him. He started becoming stronger day by day and started preparing for a fight worth remembering.

He faced many villains in his journey, and along the way, he realized that these villains were not an easy deal to deal with; he needed a full army which he had to gather before the fight.

One Punch Man
One Punch Man (Credits: netflix)

In an anime that is a dose of entertainment and fun, Saitman as a powerful hero wanted a big fight with an opponent with whom he could fight, and the game looks like between two strong opponents.

The twist comes in the story when he realizes that he has the strength of a strong man and he can defeat anybody just with one punch. That is why he started known as a one-punch man. His whole life started falling when he got into the mission of finding a suitable opponent.

So that someone of good potential gives him the best fight, now he is not caring about losing a match. The whole show is a mixture of weird events and matches, which is all about winning. Here’s the one-punch man Siatman wanted to win, but he has been winning for a very long time. The whole anime is worth watching, which comes with a sense of comedy and fighting.

  • Director: Shingo Natsume
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 2015
  • Where to Watch: netflix

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

The whole anime is based on the story of Tanjiro, who is a heart of gold; he is kind and always helps people with his whole heart. His whole life changed when he realized that his whole life had changed when someone killed his whole family, and now he is all alone and has no one to share his grief with.

As per his knowledge, his whole family was killed by demons, and his one sister named Nezuko has now turned into one of these devils. Now he has nothing to lose in his whole life; he wants revenge and his sister back from these demons who have deteriorated his childhood and life.

He gets on a journey of saving the world from the demon and taking control of the revenge. He has a revenge agenda and saves humanity from these demons who are killing people and changing them into themselves.

Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer (Credits: netflix)

These demons are killing people and making some of them like them so that they can have a bigger and stronger army. Tnajiro can fight these devils and demons; he started getting trained for these with time. With time to defeat these people, he started getting into a life where he trained to become stronger and learn new skills so that he could win the whole game.

As he explored the journey, he realized that he could not make it alone and needed more men for it who shared the same goals as him. The anime knows from its plot line how demons are killing innocent people and making an army out of them by transforming them.

In a world of demons filled with danger and the black world, the task for the hero is to finish it forever and take action against the cruel world. Tanjiro and his friends can be seen trying their best to compete with the enemy and demons to save the world. To find out how he saved his sister and people, one has to watch Demon Slayer anime.

  • Director:Haruo Sotozaki
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 2019
  • Where to Watch: netflix

Hunter x Hunter

An adventurous anime that comes with the journey of Gon, a young boy with the abilities of a warrior. He wanted to be a hunter for a long time and can do anything to become one; his dreams come true as his journey of becoming a hunter comes on his way.

In his world, the real definition of the hunter is that they come with special skills which allow them to participate in dangerous circumstances so that they can fight with the help of those skills. But to become a hunter, one has to go through a journey of hard-core training and earning the skills of fighting and so on. Finding those hidden places and becoming a passionate hunter is all about becoming one.

Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter (Credits: netflix)

Gun needed to acquire these skills before becoming one of the hunters in his life. His desire to become one is all in the anime Hunter x Hunter; along with his friends, he started a journey as a hunter. One of his friends named, Kurapika is a survivor of the criminals who in the past targeted him to kill. Gun realized that the mistake in his journey could lead him to death.

In the journey of becoming a hunter Gon and his friend explore the world of the enemy and start getting experience so that they can achieve what they want; most likely, they want to be one of the all-time best hunters in history.

The whole anime only revolves around these young boys who are getting trained for the best day of life. Along the way, they face the real truths and dark secrets which they haven’t known before and become more curious about the targeted enemy. The challenge and journey of becoming a hunter is real for Gun.

  • Director:Hiroshi Kōjina
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 2011
  • Where to Watch: netflix


The falls under the category of science fiction, and the time travel concept is also included, which is the main theme. The main lead Rintarou knows himself as a scientist and proves to the world that he is a scientist who can do a great experiment on his own. But society recognizes him as a mad scientist who is there to do illegal experiments which could cause chaos to humanity.

He has workers and students who are also into his experiments and using techniques to communicate in the past. As the anime started, the experiments looked like they were not harmful to anyone, but later they all came with consequences and more. In the time travel experiments, the scientist and his student messed up with time which only brings chaos to time control.

Steins; Gate (Credits: amazon)

As the time travel experiments go on, the whole story becomes not so interesting to watch, and even it looks like that how every experiment comes with consequences. In the other half of the anime scientist, Rintarou decided to add some more effects and tasks so that they could avoid the time travel issues and time control, but it ended up in more mess than before.

Rintarou realized that these experiments were not going to be fun and could take away his student’s and friends’ lives forever. The biggest consequence is that one can get stuck in the time loop and never be able to get away from it, which could be the biggest consequence of Rintuaro’s team as a researcher of science.
Director: Hiroshi Hamasaki

Genre: Anime 

Released Year: 2014

Death Note

Here we have the main lead, Light Yagami, who discovers a notebook and suspects it is a mysterious one. He realized that the book had the ability to magic and make wishes come true. It has the power to kill anyone; if one writes anyone’s name on its pages, then it is a hundred per sure that the person is going to die soon.

The only condition is that the writer and the owner of the book needed to remember the face of the person he wanted to be dead as soon as possible. Yagami realized that he could use the book for a noble cause, he could kill criminals and all other possible evil people just by this simple trick.

Death Note
Death Note (Credits: netflix)

Yagami gets fascinated by the powers and magic of the notebook; he wants to kill all the criminals so that peace can be attained among the people. Yagami is a sensitive guy who wants to let go of all the crime and sadness in the world; by removing all the criminals in this way, he wants to be the hero of his own life.

The whole series comes with the episode of how he gets rid of top criminals, and no one can detect who was the main reason here in the first place. Here the control of death and life can be seen; a notebook that holds the power of death is something interesting to watch.

Yagami writes anybody named, and the next day, the person is found dead without any condition. In other words, the abuse of such power and magic is also included, as Yagami did not realize that he was killing people and using it as a noble cause. His mindset is that he is a noble man, but giving someone death is in nobody’s hands.

  • Director: Tetsurō Arak
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 2011
  • Where to Watch: netflix


One of the all-time best and most-watched anime Naruto is still in his fan’s hearts. It comes with the journey of the main lead Naruto who is a ninja, and his dream of becoming one of the best ninjas in the world. As he becomes one of the best ninjas who has the best skills, he becomes one of the main leaders of his village.

He lives in a village with other skilled ninjas who save the people out there with a technique named Jutsu. Since his childhood, he bron with facing issues like loneliness and other people’s judgment of the way he is.

As he grew up, he joined a ninja school, and there met people and friends with similar interests. His teacher Kakashi taught him how to be patient and quick in his ninja movement, and he also learned that consistency in practice could be a whole game changer.

Naruto (Credits: netflix)

As all the students get verified as one of the best-skilled ninjas, they start fighting from the enemies and outer to save the village and its presence. As the story of fighting evil goes on, Naruto discovers much more than he has known before. He discovers that there are dangerous creatures also out there along with the same opponent; he needs a powerful army for the protection of his village.

Naruto is famous for his fights and unique Jinju style, which e used in all his fights. As the enemy is mostly not aware of his moves, t becomes easy for him to fight with these moves. His life becomes lonely when he realizes that after saving everyone from evil and enemies, he has no one to share with.

As he takes a step ahead to end the cycle of self-hatred and can be seen taking revenge on who causes him this loneliness. Naruto is best when it comes to a skilled jutsu, which is a fighting style, and few ninja masters it to fight. Naruto, in the anime, becomes a pro jutsu ninja from a normal and basic ninja who chooses a battle to fight against the world of evil to save his village people.

  • Director: Hayato
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 2002
  • Where to Watch: netflix

Code Geass

The anime falls under the thrilling category and comes with the theme of Japan-based anime. Here the plot starts with Lelouch, who can be seen as a prince, getting exiled by his kingdom because he has powers. A prince has Geass, which are powers, and he has the power to control people so that they can obey his orders.

He has a sister named Nunnally, whom he loves the most, and wanted to create a whole new world for her so that she can be happy in this new world made him. He uses his power to control everyone in the Britannia kingdom. Everyone is under control; a prince uses his power to get whatever he wants.

Code Geass
Code Geass (Credits: netflix)

He has revenge to take from Brittina, and for that, he gathers a team and starts planning a battle against it. With his power, he can be seen living two lives at once; in one life, he attends schools, and in another one, he is a Lelouch who has power.

He hides his whole personality and agenda from others, living in the same kingdom and making a plan to defeat it when the right time comes. As he lives a dual life, he also faces double problems in his life than others. Lelouch has to maintain his life so that no one can catch him in his revenge story.

As the story comes in the middle, it follows the conditions of how a person who is doing wrong can’t always be wrong; Lelouch is a good person who is taking his revenge for a wrong by abusing his powers by living a dual life and controlling people of Britannia. All he is doing for his love for his sister and the revenge he deserves from the Britannia, Lelouch can be seen in the anime Code Geass as a rebel and a fighter.

  • Director: Gorō Taniguchi
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 2006
  • Where to Watch: netflix

Cowboy Bebop

Another anime we have comes with the concept of time travel and also space travel. Anime revolves around going to a future self and exploring space.

Here we give the best of the hunters who are skilled in their game and work. They can all be seen traveling the spaceship and time travel to fulfill some of the wishes and tasks to be done in favor of the good.

The task they have to do is to capture criminals, and even if it takes them going into the future and past, they use a time travel concept to make it happen. The story starts with Spike, who is a famous and skilled fighter; no one knows where he comes from and what his past is.

Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop (Credits: netflix)

The whole anime comes with the fact that his past is a mystery, a bounty hunter’s mysterious history that is wanted to be solved by everyone out there. Spike gets along with a policeman named Jet Black and other talented cyber police officers. In his team, he has hackers, police officers, former cops, and cyber specialists who are going to be helpful in his mission so far.

The whole anime comes with the fact that every person who wanted to fight evil and enemies has already fought their demons and ghosts of all of their past. Here the anime comes with more than one storyline, and each storyline is a story of all bounty hunters and their mission to find out enemies and corrupt people.

The movie Theame explores all the possible genres in just one show, which is quite fascinating to watch. Spike, as a bounty hunter, realizes that he can’t believe everyone in his team as everyone comes with a past he has no idea about. He becomes curious and furious in his bounty hunter game.

  • Director:Shin’ichirô Watanabe
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 1998
  • Where to Watch: netflix

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The anime comes with a theme of human psychology and understanding; here is the understanding of human behavior and patterns. The story of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion sets in the future, where the human population is at the peak level of extinction because of the enemy.

Here in the anime, unexpectedly these enemies are known as angels and wanted to kill every single human on the earth.

As time pass by, human also become aware and they become aware of saving themselves from the angels. Here we have our main lead Shiji who can be seen as a teenager with a brave personality; he was hired by the Nerv organization so that he can control robots.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Credits: netflix)

He is trained to control robots named Evangelion, and he can be seen controlling them to defeat the Angels. Shinji can be seen as a pilot of robots and also struggling with his unforgettable past.

He is still in a phase where he can’t forget how his father has treated him, and the ghost of the past never leaves him alone even though he is now the best of the pilot.

Shinji realized that he was surrounded by people with their traumas and pasts; also, he had to be secure and aware because everyone had their secrets. As the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion story moves forward, it can be seen that each character struggles with their outer and inner world equally; no one trusts no one.

  • Director: Hideaki Anno
  • Genre: Anime
  • Released year: 1995
  • Where to Watch: netflix

If you have ever watched anime and wanted to watch the best of anime then these anime comes in all genres for anime lovers who want to explore each side. Some shows and series come with the best of the plot and scenes, which will leave the audience in a state of watching more.

Anime is addictive as it comes with a vast variety of genres and plots with twists, in short, with a full entertainment dose. These anime, on the other hand, comes with the best of heroes so the best of villains; they both played the same role when it came to entertaining the audience.

One can choose among the above-mentioned anime with a brief plot that explains the characters and themes involved. These anime are the all-time best anime in the world and are ranked from one to twelve here.

We would like to recommend the best entertaining anime to all anime and manga lovers out there. It could be the best choice for all who want a bigger dose of entertainment when it comes to exploring the magical anime world.  

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