13 Anime to Watch on VRV Right Now

13 Anime to Watch on VRV

VRV, pronounced as ‘Verve’ is an official streaming site that contains anime, imaginative fiction, as well as content related to gaming for users interested in the same. Users have access to some content for free, and they can avail a wider variety for a paid subscription. 

The streaming service is run by Sony through a partnership between Sony Pictures and Aniplex by Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The venture is now owned by Crunchyroll and was launched in November 2016 by AT&T and the Chernin Group. 

VRV gained popularity as it provided its users with the option of venturing into gaming as well as anime without a paid subscription. There are still quite a few anime that you can access without a paid premium subscription on VRV. 

Following are the anime that you can find on VRV. 

A Certain Scientific Railgun

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

A Certain Scientific Railgun is set in the scientifically advanced Academy City, where the majority of the civilians are students. The Academy City runs the futuristic esper development program for those with unique psychic abilities and has them function at different levels. 

Mikoto Misaka is a part of ‘Level 5’ along with seven other members who are the most powerful espers in the Academy City. Mikoto Misaka ranks third in the Level 5 group and possesses the abilities of an electricity manipulator termed the Railgun. 

a certain scientific railgun
A Certain Scientific Railgun (Credit: Manga Thrill)

The anime focuses on the life of Mikoto Misaka and her friends, Kuroko Shirai, Kazari Uiharu, and Ruiko Saten, as they try to deal with the effects of A Certain Magical Index. They are also caught up in the crimes that are committed in the city as they try to solve these cases. 

As they get closer to the truth, they realize that the utopic city in which they live is a breeding place for dark secrets and lies kept by the puzzling ‘Level Uppers,’ a magical device that apparently increases the esper level of the users. 

Level Uppers often have some connection to the crimes committed in the city and hence raise the suspicion of Mikoto Misaka and her friends. They are caught up in the crossfire owing to the Level Upper and find themselves in a dangerous situation trying to unravel the truth of their city. 

  • Genre: Fantasy, Action, Science fiction
  • Studio: J.C. Staff
  • Duration: 73 episodes, 3 seasons
  • Score on MAL: 7.67
  • Aired: 3 October 2009 to 25 September 2020
  • Where to watch: netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll

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Akame ga Kill!

Tatsumi and his two childhood friends, Iyeyasu and Sayo, are headed toward the Capital in order to make money and help their impoverished village. But things take a dark turn after Tatsumi, Iyeyasu, and Sayo get separated in a bandit attack, and a terrible fate befalls upon Iyeyasu and Sayo. 

akame ga kill!
Akame ga Kill! (Credit: IMDb)

Tatsumi then tries to join the army, only to be met with no luck and an empty pocket. He believes that the noble family that takes him in might turn out to be his saving grace, but the place is attacked by a group of assassins called the Night Raid. 

Tatsumi soon learns that his host family would have tortured and killed him, as they did to his friends Iyeyasu and Sayo, if the Night Raid had not intervened. Owing to this, Tatsumi joins the Night Raid, which is the hidden assassination division of the Revolutionary Army. 

The Night Raid consists of several other members such as Akame, who is a skilled swordsman, who claims to be a sniper genius; the brutal fighter Leone, Sheele, who uses scissors as a weapon; Lubbock, the manipulator; the shielded warrior Bulat and their leader Najenda. 

The Night Raid aims to overthrow the corrupt Prime Minister Honest, who takes advantage of the child emperor’s naivete and inexperience to fulfill his greed and need for power. 

  • Genre: Super Power, Gore, Action, Fantasy
  • Studio: White Fox
  • Duration: 24 episodes
  • Score on MAL: 7.47
  • Aired: 7 July 2014 to 15 December 2014
  • Where to watch: Hulu, netflix, Crunchyroll

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Bunny Drop

Usagi Drop

Daikichi Kawachi is a 30-year-old single man who lives a pretty simple life with a respectful job but doesn’t have too many ambitious goals otherwise. He returns to his family house upon learning about the sudden demise of his grandfather. 

bunny drop
Bunny Drop (Credit: Rotoscopers)

Upon reaching the family house, he encounters Rin Kaga, who is a six-year-old girl and happens to be Daikichi’s grandfather’s illegitimate daughter from an unknown mother. 

Now that her father has passed away, there is no one to look out for the young girl, and other family members are ashamed to know about her existence and do not want anything to do with her. 

Daikichi, annoyed by his family’s attitude, decides to take Rin in and embarks upon the journey of a single parent. He learns how to be an affectionate and gentle father to Rin and eventually realizes that being a caretaker has helped him be a better person and has been worth the effort. 

  • Genre: Slice of Life, Childcare, Iyashikei
  • Studio: Production I.G
  • Duration: 11 episodes
  • Score on MAL: 8.36
  • Aired: 8 July 2011 to 16 September 2011
  • Where to watch: Crunchyroll, Tubi, Funimation

Blue Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist

The story focuses on the life of Rin Okumura. Rin, along with his younger twin brother Yukio Okumura was raised by an Exorcist, Father Shiro Fujimoto. As it turns out, Rin and Yukio are sons of Satan, the king of Gehenna who wants to gain control over Assiah. 

Rin, however, is determined to save and defend Assiah, along with his brother Yukio, against the wrath of Satan. Rin also ignites his ability to use demonic powers and the ability to turn into a blue flame that destroys almost everything it touches. 

Blue Exorcist
Blue Exorcist (Credit: HubPages)

Rin realizes his demonic features after he attempts to save his foster father, Shiro Fujimoto, who is on the verge of dying. In order to protect Shiro, Rin draws the sword called Kurikara, which is used to end demons that have been restraining his demonic abilities. 

With now an aim to save Assiah and become an Exorcist like Shiro, Rin enrolls in the infamous True Cross Academy, which is the Japanese arm of the international organization True Cross Order that aims at protecting Assiah. 

Much to Rin’s surprise, Yukio is Rin’s teacher and is already a veteran Exorcist; thus, together with his brother and his friends, Rin is determined to save Assiah from the darkness of Satan. 

  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Mythology
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures
  • Duration: 25 episodes
  • Score on MAL: 7.49
  • Aired: 17 April 2011 to 2 October 2011
  • Where to watch: Prime Video, netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll


Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai

The story follows a young boy named Shigeru Akagi who is looking to escape the police and enters a yakuza mahjong gambling parlor where an intense high-stakes game of mahjong is taking place. 

In this parlor is Nangou, who is neck-deep in debt and is playing mahjong to find a way out. Nangou explains the rules of the game to Akagi as quickly as he can and makes him play the game, ultimately being the deciding factor of his life. 

Akagi (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Although it is pretty clear that Nangou is grasping for straws here, Akagi might just be his saving grace. He proves to be a natural at the game and the practice of gambling as he gives tough competition to the veterans, ultimately winning the highest bid. 

The prodigy, Akagi, does not fear death and performs exceedingly well in a high-stakes situation. He also does not fear death and impresses the owners of the parlor and the audience who witness his game. He is, however, destined to be a legend where no one knows too much about him. 

  • Genre: High Stakes, Psychological, Organized Game, Suspense
  • Studio: Madhouse
  • Duration: 26 episodes
  • Score on MAL: 7.92
  • Aired: 5 October 2005 to 29 March 2006
  • Where to watch: Crunchyroll

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers who were brought up by their mother after their father, a popular alchemist, abandoned them. They grew up in the country of Amestris, where the isolated village of Resembool was their home. 

The two, although growing up without their father, developed an interest in alchemy and wanted to learn the secrets that were well-kept in the field.

fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Credit: Rotten Tomatoes)

The sole guardian of the two, their mother, perishes owing to a long disease she had been suffering through, and this is when Winry Rockbell, their best friend, and her grandmother Pinako take the two boys in and look after them. 

The two brothers set out into the world to learn more about alchemy and are able to further their training in advanced alchemy under the master Izumi Curtis. They come back with a wish to bring their mother back, which would require them to use alchemy. 

The act of bringing people back to life by alchemy is not only looked down upon but is also almost always unsuccessful. Their alchemy goes horribly wrong and costs Edward his leg and then his arm after he sacrifices it to save his brother, whose body has disintegrated. 

Winry created prosthetic limbs for Edward using a tough and durable metal called ‘automail’ and eventually received the title of ‘Fullmetal.’ The two brothers set out in search of the Philosopher’s Stone in hopes of getting the bodies back, but in the process, they might alter the fate of the world. 

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Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

The story explores the art of rakugo, wherein the performer takes to the stage and narrates a story in a comedic way. The anime focuses on the lives of different rakugo performers and the hardships they go through in order to be popular performers. 

The anime follows the life of a former gangster, Yotarou, who has recently come out of prison and wishes to be a rakugo performer. He wants to learn the traditional art of storytelling, for which he reaches out to Yakumo Yurakutei, a popular rakugo performer, and wishes to be his student. 

showa genroku rakugo shinju
Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (Credit: Nefarious Reviews)

Yotarou’s newfound interest leads him to meet Konatsu, a stern young woman placed under the care of Yakumo since the demise of her beloved father, the celebrated rakugo performer Sukeroku Yuurakutei. 

Yotarou learns about the eccentric style of rakugo and is drawn toward it while he undergoes training with contrasting techniques. Teaching Yotarou the fundamentals of the art form Yakumo has been indulged in for such a long time brings back long-buried memories and promises for him. 

The unique traditional art form, rakugo, is beautifully depicted in the anime, while the characters involved add value and have a journey shaped by the art form. 

  • Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance
  • Studio: Studio Deen
  • Duration: 13 episodes
  • Score on MAL: 8.57
  • Aired: 9 January 2016 to 2 April 2016
  • Where to watch: Crunchyroll

Hunter x Hunter

The anime follows Gon Freecss, who has been led to believe that both his parents have deceased and he is all alone all his life. One day, Kite, Gon’s father’s trainee, informs Gon that his father, Ging Freecss is alive and has been living as a Hunter. 

hunter x hunter
Hunter x Hunter (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Gon does not give it a second thought and sets out to find his father, leaving his hometown, Whale Island, behind. He is determined to become a Hunter, just like his father but for this, he must first pass an examination that is extremely dangerous and difficult to pass, the Hunter Examination. 

Gon befriends several people who are also there to pass the exam and become a Hunter for reasons of their own. The unforgiving Kurapika, former assassin Killua Zoldyck, and Leorio Paladiknight, who is a medical student, along with Gon, create a group with a common goal.

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Studio: Madhouse
  • Duration: 148 episodes 
  • Score on MAL: 9.04
  • Aired: 2 October 2011 to 24 September 2014
  • Where to watch: netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Prime Video, Tubi

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Black Clover

The story is about two brothers, Asta and Yuno, who are left at the church on the same day. They live in a magical world where people use mana to utilize their magical powers. The two have the same goal in life, to be the next Wizard King. 

As the two grow up, the difference between their magical abilities becomes more and more visible. Yuno is a natural and has great magical ability and control while Asta is completely devoid of these powers and goes through rigorous physical training and hopes to invoke his magical powers. 

black clover
Black Clover (Credit: Crunchyroll)

When they come of age, Yuno receives the prestigious four-leaf clover Grimoire, while Asta receives nothing. Yuno’s Grimoire attracts a lot of attention, and Yuno also gets attacked by Lebuty, who wants to obtain Yuno’s Grimoire. 

Asta comes to Yuno’s aid but is overpowered and on the brink of losing, but he does not give up. This is when Asta is bestowed with the ‘Black Clover,’ a five-leaf clover Grimoire which allows him to defeat Lebuty and save Yuno. 

The two brothers then set out on a journey to become the next Wizard King and join a Magic Knight squad. While Yuno gets accepted into the prestigious Golden Dawn, Asta joins the eccentric Black Bulls. 

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Studio: Pierrot
  • Duration: 170 episodes
  • Score on MAL: 8.15
  • Aired: 3 October 2017 to 30 March
  • Where to watch: netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Parasyte: The Maxim

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

The story is about a high school student Shinichi Izumi and his parasite, who comes to be named Migi. These host-searching parasites are alien creatures that burrow into the skin of humans through an opening and take control of their host and feed on them. 

parasyte: the maxim
Parasyte: The Maxim (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Something unusual happens in the case of Shinichi as his parasite does not get complete control over him and, instead of reaching his brain, ends up in the thumb of his right hand and now must coexist. 

The two now create a unique species and hence are under threat by other alien parasites who have completely taken over their host bodies. The anime also covers topics such as the human tendency to exploit natural order, co-dependency between different organisms, and so on. 

  • Genre: Horror, Action, Science fiction, Gore, Psychological 
  • Studio:  Madhouse
  • Duration: 24 episodes
  • Score on MAL: 8.34
  • Aired: 9 October 2014 to 26 March 2015
  • Where to watch: netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

The story follows the life of the young and kind-hearted Tanjiro Kamado, who is the sole breadwinner of the family after his father’s demise. Tanjiro sells charcoal to nearby villages and sustains his family. 

demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Credit: netflix)

One day he gets late and hence is advised by a villager to spend the night in the village where he came to sell charcoal as it is not safe to roam at night owing to the flesh-eating demons who come out at night. 

When Tanjiro heads home the next day, he finds his entire family slaughtered by the demons, and all of his family is gone except for his sister, Nezuko, who has turned into a demon with still some traces of kindness and empathy in her. 

Tanjiro seeks revenge for his family and works alongside the Demon Slayer Corps to protect humans and end demons. 

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Studio: ufotable
  • Duration: 26 episodes
  • Score on MAL: 8.50
  • Aired: 6 April 2019 to 28 September 2019
  • Where to watch: netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll

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Sword Art Online

In this futuristic game that people can play using the NerveGear, Sword Art Online is a virtual reality multiplayer online game. The game has gained popularity owing to its immersive experience and the challenging yet picturesque backdrop in the world of Aincrad. 

sword art online
Sword Art Online (netflix)

The NerveGear is a helmet that helps player use their five senses in the game enabling the players to control their in-game characters from their minds. They are, however, stuck in the game as the creator decides to deactivate the ‘Log Out’ option for the players. 

The players are in for irreversible damage as their life depends on their ability to overcome the challenges present in the game, which would enable them to finally get out of the game. However, if they die in the game, the same fate befalls them in the real world. 

We see how the tester of the game, Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya, might have an advantage, but he soon realizes that in order to survive, he would have to form alliances with other players.

Kirito partners up with Asuna Yuuki and other such skilled players to increase his chances, but with dark forces and overpowering superiors, the game proves to be a challenge trickier than what meets the eye. 

  • Genre: Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures
  • Duration: 25 episodes
  • Score on MAL: 7.20
  • Aired: 8 July 2012 to 23 December 2012
  • Where to watch: Disney+, netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation


Bleach gained a lot of popularity when it made a comeback in 2022, and with its Thousand-Year Blood War arc currently ongoing, the anime has pretty good battle sequences that Demon Slayer fans would definitely enjoy. 

Apart from the storylines contained in the manga of the same name, written by Tite Kubo, the anime also comprises original storylines as well as characters that are not inspired by the manga. 

Bleach (Credit: Crunchyroll)

The story follows an ordinary high school student Ichigo Kurosaki, whose life changes after his family comes under attack by evil spirits that intend to consume human souls. Ichigo’s family may still be saved by the efforts of Rukia Kuchiki. 

Rukia is a Soul Reaper who needs to protect human souls from evil spirits and needs to ensure the departure of the souls to the afterlife. While protecting Ichigo’s family from a Hollow, Rukia gets injured and is unable to use her powers. 

The responsibility that formerly lay on Rukia must be taken up by Ichigo, and although reluctant to take on such an intense role, Ichigo eventually gives in and becomes a Soul Reaper, only to realize that the Hollows are not the only ones to be feared. 

Ichigo is joined on his journey by his classmates, who are spiritually enlightened and possess unique abilities; Orihime Inoue, who possesses a collective of protective spirits called Shun Shun Rikka.

Yasutora Sado, nicknamed Chad, has the strength equivalent to that of the Hollow cased in his arm, and Uryuu Ishida, who uses spiritual particles. 

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Studio: Pierrot
  • Duration: 366 episodes
  • Score on MAL: 7.92
  • Aired: 5 October 2004 to 27 March 2012
  • Where to watch: Hulu, netflix, Crunchyroll, Disney+

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