8 Anime Like The Idhun Chronicles To Watch

Shows Like Idhun Chronicles to Watch

The plot of the series comes with lots of action, thrillers, and fantasy; here, one can watch how the series becomes one of the most watched series of all time. Here we have our main lead named Idhun, who can be seen spreading his terror with his army of snakes. His snake army is very interesting to watch for the audience and readers. Here the battle for freedom is all one can watch, the freedom to make the right decisions.

Here another main lead is a teenager named Jack and another one named Kirtash, they both can be seen as killers, and they have a role to play given by Ashran. They can both be seen as loyal to Ashran, and one can watch that half of the series is all about them.

The mission is to destroy the world, and Ashran’s loyal people are sent from another world for it. To save and destroy the world here, one can watch how it comes with lots of fun and suspense.

The main theme of the series is how villains and bad people are there to destroy the world, but at the same time, there are good people who are there to save the world. We would like to recommend one of the best shows to all people.

Idhun Chronicles
Idhun Chronicles (Credit: netflix)

Idhun Chronicles comes with lots of little stories of the warriors fighting for their people and world; here, saving their people is not an easy task. Even one can watch how it comes with lots of suspense and mystery. We here come with lots of shows and movies like Idhun Chronicles, which we believe could entertain in the same way. The best part is that it comes with lots of suspense and action thrillers.

Magi Adventure of Sinbad

Magicians notice the birth of a specific child as several strange events begin to take place all around the planet. An experienced soldier named Badr assists his wife named, Esra, in giving birth to their kid, a future king.

Sinbad spends his early years experiencing injustice in the  Empire, where he lives with his mother named, Esra, and his father named, Badr, because his father refuses to fight in battle with the other Empire, which all men of their empire are required to do.

 Here, one can watch as he loses his father in the war, and officials arrive and take Badr through violence. Sinbad focuses his youth on helping the neighborhood locals and caring for his mother, who is sick. He meets and harbors a mystery man one day.

Magi Adventure of Sinbad
Magi Adventure of Sinbad (Credit: netflix

His whole life changed when he met this man. Yunan is a mystery man who is not knowing that he is a Wizard. Yunan chooses to guide Sinbad at the suggestion of his mother after learning of his desire to improve the world.

He gives him instructions to fight in the upcoming war, which appeared on the Partevian–Reim border and contained treasures that had previously been claimed by thousands of soldiers from both rulers, but no one was alive except Sinbad and a nobleman. 

In the series, one can watch how one who is born as a soldier fights with all he has and wins in the end for sure without any consequences. We would like to recommend the Magi Adventure of Sinbad show to all audiences out there who are big fans of adventures.

  • Director: Shinobu Ohtaka
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released Year: 2016
  • Where to Watch: netflix


Here is the story of a kid named Zed, who can be seen as a 15-year-old boy. Here in the series, he can be seen living in the city of Calm, is dissatisfied with his present living circumstances, and believes that there is a location where he can live in greater detail.

One day, at the demand of a mysterious wind, he enters a space-time gateway in search of any possible solutions. He is carried away by the wind into a world rife with conflict where wizardry users known as Casters engage in constant battles with one another. 

Kiba (Credit: amazon Prime )

The Shard may command monsters known as Spirits. Here in the series, one can enjoy the magic of all the characters.  Zed wants to train as a Shard Caster because he is fascinated by its power.

He is still unaware that Gaoul, a powerful Spirit with the ability to shape the future of the world, is living in his own body. One of the Key Demons that, when combined with the other Key Spirits, which have the power to either destroy or protect the world.

The whole series comes with spirits and their power when they all become one. They can save the world, and so they can destroy it. Here the best parts are magic which one can enjoy here. Zed and its experience of becoming a wizard is worth watching for people out there.

We would like to recommend one of the best shows to people out there who want to watch these kinds of shows and enjoy them.  Here the magical powers of wizards and finding their powers is all they can do, but as they learn that one spirit alone can’t do anything is a plot changer.

  • Director: Hiroshi Kōjina
  • Genre: Adventure and Dark Fantasy
  • Released Year: 2006
  • Where to Watch: amazon

Tales of Zestiria the X

In the universe where Tales of Zestiria the X is set, there are creatures known as Seraphim. The plot starts with a scene where one can watch how, Millions of years ago when Seraphim creatures and humans coexisted peacefully. Seraphim granted the prayers of humanity their blessings in return.

The twist comes when Seraphim can control their environment and possess magical abilities. Although there were countless Seraphims, people were easily overtaken by their horrible feelings and became beasts.

Tales of Zestiria the X
Tales of Zestiria the X (Credit: amazon)

Even one can watch that when Seraphim creatures were too connected to a human, they were devastated to witness their friend’s transformation into an evil being psychologically as well as physically.

When a region is saturated with unfavorable feelings, a dangerous byproduct known as evil is created. Any life form that is weak or negative becomes a monster due to malice. All other living things are changed into beasts called Hellions, overtaken by sin, whereas Seraphim are converted into strong dragons.

Seraphim maintained equilibrium and peace in the natural world, while a being known as the Shepherd restrained evil. Until they are ready to extricate a sacred blade from an object, the Shepherd is an ordinary person.

As the audience can see how the Contracts made with Seraphim have no negative effects, but dealing with people is another matter. The humans who have contracts with the Shepherd will also pass away if they pass away.

Additionally, Shepherd must carry a bigger weight the more humans with whom he has agreements. If there are too many of them, they might make the person feel burdened and lead to issues.

  • Director: Haruo Sotozaki
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released Year: 2016
  • Where to Watch: amazon

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In the series, we have our main lead named Taikobo, who can be seen as a talented sennin who is being taught by his Master named in the series. Here one can watch that Taikobo is given a radically different task because it would appear that he is not fit for study or prayer: to rid the world of evil spiritual power by stopping and isolating all 365 individuals.

 Here we have another lead named Hoshin, who worked for many years assimilating into human society to an extent where she is currently serving as the Yin Empress. Even though Taikobo lacks the strength to overcome Dakki, he has no intention of giving up and will soon find new supporters in the most unlikely locations.

HAKYU HOSHIN ENGI (Credit: amazon)

In the main lead, we have our main role ruler Taikobo; they can be seen as learning tactics and powers so they can fight against evil. Here the main plot is about how warriors fight for their war. Even here, one can watch how it becomes the main task to firth for their life.

We would like to recommend Hakyu Hoshin Engi to all animation lovers out there who are interested in warrior movies. We would like to recommend it to all people who want to watch it. To defeat and win games is all one can watch here. The show is all about how one can fight for their lives and their loved ones. Here they can watch how a warrior fights for their rights.

  • Director: Tsutomu Ano
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released Year: 2018
  • Where to Watch: amazon

Digimon Ghost Game

Revolutionary technology has appeared in the reasonably near future. Rumors concerning mysterious events known as Hologram Ghosts that are not verified are spreading on social media.

Here one can watch how another main lead named Amanokawa, who can be seen as a freshman in middle school. He uses a mystery device that his father left behind to make invisible animals known as Digimon audible and visible to him.

Hiro has been involved in several bizarre occurrences ever since he first encountered Gammamon, a clever Digimon that his father had given him. The twist comes when a man with a sewed mouth takes time from people, and a mummy prowls the streets at night and abducts people.

Digimon Ghost Game
Digimon Ghost Game (Credit: netflix)

The ghosts from holograms are everywhere around us and are aiming for us. Here is the tale of an undiscovered aspect of the earth going forward. One can watch Hiro go into the mysterious realm where these animals are.

The relationship between an animal and a human is what is so wonderful here. In the show, one can watch how an animal ghost becomes the main plot here. The show is all about technology, and anyone who has the power to talk to these animals can create and imagine.

We would like to recommend one of the best shows to all anime and magic lovers out there. It could be the best show for all people who are into such kinds of shows so far. A mysterious animal and the consequences it comes with are worth watching here. These kinds of animation are full of suspense and mystery; even here, the horror will keep you entertained till the end.

  • Director: Kimitoshi Chioka
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released Year: 2021

The Light of Haecceitas

In the show, we have a main lead named Hiro, who first meets another main lead named Gammamon, a cunning Monster his father had given him. Hiro has been involved in a variety of strange events.

The plot twist occurs when characters are taken advantage of by a man with a stitched mouth. Here one can watch a mummy stalk the sidewalks at night and kidnap people. Virtual ghosts are all around the people and can be seen scaring them all.

Here is the story of a future part of the earth that has not yet been fully explored. Hiro can be seen entering the enigmatic world where these creatures reside.

Chain Chronicle The Light of Haecceitas
Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas (Credit: amazon)

Hiro is the main lead here, who can be seen dealing with all the stuff of ghosts. The chronicle is all about how the main lead deals with the drama and all. Here the main plot is how Hiro survives in such a condition and never loses hope for the better.

Here even one can watch how a girl with amnesia suffers from memory loss every time, but she never loses hope in what she wants in her life. She can be seen being saved by another hero of the show named Yuri.

Yuri saved her from the black army and so from every upcoming danger and threat. She can be seen as grateful to Yuri in the series here. We would like to recommend one of the best shows to all the people out there who love to watch such series with mystery and twist.

  • Director: Masashi Kudō
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Released Year: 2016
  • Where to Watch: amazon

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

When terrifying demons invaded and attempted to wipe out humanity some 700 years back, everyone started praying to their gods in the hopes that something could step in and prevent the end of humanity. As a result of their prayers being heard, a race of gods known as the Idaten.

Using their incredible fortitude and godlike powers, the Idaten was able to vanquish the demonic forces, saving mankind and establishing world peace. One can watch that since they have all led peaceful lives, the younger Idaten youth now knows little about the monsters.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace
Idaten Deities Know Only Peace (Credit: netflix)

One can watch how to survive in an era where they appear to have survived their significance. The oddball soldiers are abruptly summoned back to confront their natural foe when the cruel Zoble Empire revives a monster. In the series, one can watch how it becomes quite twisted with time.

We would like to recommend one of the best shows to all people out there who want to watch such a kind of show with the same plot and summary, as they can give you lots of suspense and happiness. The demon and their power are something one can watch here; they can provide you with lots of suspense.

The show comes with demons, monsters, and power, which are worth watching here. To live a peaceful life, a warrior has to fight for their universe and kingdom without any benefit or anything here.

  • Director: Seimei Kidokoro
  • Genre: Dark fantasy and Manga
  • Released Year: 2021
  • Where to Watch: YouTube 

Getter Robo Arc

The world is healing from a past struggle that has nearly transformed the globe permanently. In the series, we have our main lead named, Ichimonji, and the other one named Messiah, boarded for Mars.

Around that time, hordes of technorganic which are nothing but insect-like outer aliens, were nearly bringing the planet to its feet as the war between Humanity. The suspense comes when the Institute, which is now led by Jin, is making every effort to fight off the enemy while preparing fresh pilots to defend Earth against dangers.

Getter Robo Arc
Getter Robo Arc (Credit: netflix)

One can watch how the army is getting ready to fight from the outside dangers and, in other words, from the aliens who can cause havoc. Here the best part is the fights between aliens and monsters. Amidst the fighting, we have our main lead named Nagare, a young man and the only child of Ryoma, who is looking for information about his family’s history.

In the series, one can watch how all the characters are doing their best to find out about their past and family. Getter Robo Arc is one of the most-watched series of all time. We would like to recommend one of the best series to all audiences and readers out there. Best in animation and plot.

  • Director: Jun Kawagoe
  • Genre: Mecha
  • Released Year: 2021
  • Where to Watch: YouTube 

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