Best TV Shows to Binge Watch (June 2023)


The heat is getting unbearable, and so is our urge to watch new TV shows and series. June is here, and we can’t keep calm. It’s mid of the year, and it is finally time you binge on some really exciting yet entertaining content. Get ready to unravel the best of TV shows on your favorite streaming platforms, as there’s so much to explore this summer. Whether you are a fan of rom-coms, family drama, or action and thriller, this month embodies something for everyone.

May was full of love and romance ranging from the British period to modern-day teen rom-com with shows like “Queen Charlotte” and “XO, Kitty”. netflix spread hearts all over May as love grew along with the scorching heat. As we encountered the sudden yet immortal love story of George and Charlotte, we yearned for more of it.

On the other hand, Kitty in her dreamy world, travels beyond the seas to discover her mother’s life in Seoul. Besides love and romance, several other genres gripped us in May, setting expectations high for June. Let’s dive deeper into the ocean of the best shows in June 2023.

Devi and Eleanor
Devi and Eleanor (Credits: netflix)

If you are eagerly waiting for your favorite’s return or expecting a debut, June is the perfect month. Keep your heads up and hopes high as netflix hosts its final season of “Never Have I Ever”, while Max introduces us to yet another chapter of “And Just Like That”.

Just as we saw a bunch of TV shows being released the previous month, including XO Kitty, Mulligan, FUBAR, etc., this month is again full of surprises. And if by any chance you missed any shows in May, carry them forward to this month. However, we have curated the perfect binge list for all of you. With genres stretching from romance to comedy and action, here are some of the best shows to watch in June 2023.

The Idol 

Sam Levinson has already enchanted everyone with his “Euphoria”. His new creation, “The Idol”, starring “The Weekend,” Tesfaye and Lily-Rose Depp, revolves around a prominent celebrity who experiences a heart-wrenching mental breakdown, disrupting her highly awaited tour. Determined to retrieve her identity as a pop star, the celebrity crosses ways with a night club owner, Tedros, (played by Tesfaye), for her benefit. The star is all head over heels to reclaim her identity as the sexiest pop icon in America.

After receiving a five-minute standing ovation after its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the show is a must-watch. However, the series, already in controversy for nudity and exposing a lot about the industry, will be a treat to watch. Every day a bubblegum pop star is born in the industry and someone’s career is shut down every day too. Dive deeper into the deepest darkest secrets of Jocelyn as she embarks on her journey to become the most popular pop star of all time. Besides that, we will also get to see a small-screen debut of the popular stars of the Backlink group- Jennie and Troye Sivan.

Releasing on June 4 (HBO)

Best Shows in June 202
The Idol, netflix (Credits: YouTube)

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The Crowded Room 

Based on Daniel Keyes’ novel, “The Minds of Billy Milligan”, the television miniseries follows Tom Holland, highly praised for his Spider-Man persona as a young high school student, Danny Sullivan. However, the story progresses as his life takes a 360-degree turn after he finds himself stuck in a shooting incident that gets him arrested. Later as the series unfolds, we find that Danny Sullivan has connections with people who have suspiciously vanished. The series is a complete back-and-forth between Danny’s past and present.

The Crowded Room
The Crowded Room (Credits: Apple)

As interesting as this series sounds, I am pretty sure that it will be a pleasure to watch. With an intriguing theme of abuse and trauma, this TV show is a must-watch in June 2023. Besides that, you will also find, Amanda Seyfried, who is known for her extraordinary performances in “The Dropout” and “Mank” in the TV show. She is playing the role of a psychologist who delves deeper into Danny’s mind work. Set in 1979 Manhattan, the story unfolds as Danny’s past stars take over his present. However, some people contemplate that the story is completely based on true incidents. While we read more about the criminal Billy Milligan, don’t forget to give this psychological thriller a try.

Release Date: 3 episodes to air on June 9, then weekly. (Apple TV+)

Never Have I Ever Season 4

The final season of Never Have I Ever is all set to premiere on netflix this June. Yes, as sad as it sounds, we must at least be happy about the fact that Devi is finally graduating. Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, the series first aired in 2020, leaving everyone awestruck with its intriguing plot. Talking about ending the series after four seasons, Mindy Kaling claims that “it makes sense”. The teens are graduating their high school, which already marks an end to one phase of their life. It definitely wouldn’t have made sense to stretch them in their college years. But what about Paxton? Did Devi get back with him or is she taking a turn with Ben?

Never Have I Ever Season 4
Never Have I Ever (Credits: netflix)

Season four has so much to unfold as the suspense grows stronger and stronger. The new season depicts Devi entering her senior year of high school with her beloved friends, ditching Shrublands. Now that one of her goals is chucked out of her bucket list (losing her virginity, thanks to Ben), she has an abundance of time to focus on her other goals- like finding a way to Princeton.

Meanwhile, Paxton including Devi in his graduation is something unexpected. Get ready to expect some new faces in the finale season and don’t get shocked if you see some bombs dropping. It will definitely be aye for Never Have I Ever Fans. While we are all eyes on the Devi-Paxton-Ben love triangle, we hope the characters get what they deserve in the end.

Releasing on June 8 (netflix)

Based on a True Story

If you are a true fan of the hit show “Only Murders in the Building”, you know what exactly we are talking about.  This upcoming wonderful comedy covers a pair of snobby podcasters-turned unprofessional detectives. You will have delighted while watching Kaley Cuoco from “The Flight Attendant” alongside Chris Menissa from “The Mindy Project” as the two will definitely leave a belly laugh. The story takes twists and turns as the couple awaits the arrival of their first child. However, their life is not as simple as it sounds.

Based on a True Story
Based on a True Story (Credits: Twitter)

It goes through a change as they meet an individual, contemplating him to be a serial killer. The couple decides to invite him to their podcast, hoping to gain some money and fame out of it. For a husband like Menissa, who gets entangled in an investigation just because his wife is crazy about crimes, it is kind of a huge task. Well, that is pretty much it. I’m pretty sure this is intriguing you as well. What are you waiting for? Get ready, as this is one of the best TV shows in June 2023. Is the suspect a serial killer? Or assumptions are all we’re getting. Get all your questions answered with this upcoming series.

Releasing on June 8 (Peacock)

The Bear Season 2 

Get ready to witness the chaos within the four walls of a Chicago restaurant this June. After the previous season’s tremendous work on screen, The Bear is all set to return for yet another chapter filled with personal drama, comedy, humor, and intensifying tension all the way around. However, don’t be shocked if you get to witness utter culinary kitchen scenes that leave you anxious and horrified. Carmy aka Jeremy Allen White, takes control of his sandwich shop that he inherited from his brother in the upcoming season.

The Bear Season 2
The Bear Season 2 (Credits: IMDb)

However, little does he know that his brother left behind cans full of surprising tomatoes. Yes, Carmy’s brother has amounts of cash locked up in cans filled with tomatoes. Alongside White, you will also see the outstanding Ayo Edebiri reenacting her role as the restaurant’s talented chef, Sydney. On the other hand, Ebon Moss will also come back as Richie, Carmy’s erratic cousin. We can also expect some new faces in the café like Molly Gordan playing the role of a woman from Carmy’s past. With a season full of turmoil, drama, and twists, The Bear is all set to return with a bang. Watch it to know more.

Releasing on June 22 (Hulu)

I’m A Virgo

Boot Riley is a magician. The top-notch creativity that he delivers to his audience will definitely leave them awe-struck. Are you up for some politically relevant yet humorous content to watch this summer? Well, Riley is back after the extraordinary success of “Sorry to Bother You”. His new creation is said to be a blend of creativity, originality, and extreme political references.

I’m a Virgo follows the story of a young man named Cootie (Played by Jharrel Jerome) who is 13 feet tall. Based in Oakland, California, Cootie is now all set to explore the world outside after being confined in one place for years. The plot of the story unfolds as his transformation journey progresses into the new world.

I'm a Virgo
I’m a Virgo (Credits: amazon)

However, the series comes out as a highly political one with themes of identity, acceptance, and the power of individuality. Cootie, an outsider becomes a catalyst for the series’ insightful social reverberation. The series is definitely breaking taboos, with Cootie as an example.

His stature and perspective declare the boundaries and barriers that exist in society for an outsider. As Cootie tries to fit in the outside world that fears a “13-foot-tall black man”, the series comes as a lesson to society. His reference to his sun sign “Virgo,” and he loves adventures, is a deal-breaker. While Cootie sets out on an adventure to find his reality by breaking stigmas and stereotypes, we grace you to give this series a definite try.

Releasing June 23 (Prime Video)

Manifest Season 4 Part 2

If you haven’t watched part 1 of this amazing series, this is your sign to do so. After netflix took over Manifest since NBC‘s dropping it off, the TV show has reached a larger audience. The first part of this season aired in November 2022 and left fans with a cliffhanger. Well, let me tell you, this series is a complete drama package one could ever ask for. Following the return of passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 after mysterious five years of absence, this TV show has reserved a place in the audience’s hearts.

Manifest Season 4 Part 2
Manifest Season 4 Part 2 (Credits: netflix)

The first part of season 4 saw Angelina, a survivor becoming the Big Bad. Meanwhile, Ben (Josh Dallas), Mick (Melissa Roxburgh), and Cal (Ty Doran) are teaming up to stop her from doing her deeds. However, you will also find elements of divinity and spiritual consciousness in the upcoming season. Your loved ones always stay with you, even if they are dead, and the divine spirituality keeps them bound. With this concept as the theme of their upcoming part, Manifest Season 4 Part 2 is all set to break records on screen.

Releasing on June 2 (netflix)

Somewhere Boy 

Young Danny’s life is nothing but tragic. Ever since he understood life, all he ever got was tragedy and suffering. As a mere baby who lost his mother in a car accident, how can one expect the child’s life not to be grief-stricken? However, this grief didn’t just consume Danny but also his father. He channelized his grief into control and anger, confining Danny in the four walls of the house. While this incident cast a traumatic shadow on Danny’s mind, the house’s walls echoed Danny’s father’s voice; a house that claims to be Danny’s beloved mother’s memoir.

Somewhere Boy
Somewhere Boy (Credits: Channel 4)

Danny’s father spoke of monsters and devils to him as a reason to restrict him inside the house. Isolated from the outside world, Danny develops a keen interest in knowing the deepest darkest secrets his shelter beholds. As he sets on a journey inside his own home to dig for the truth, his existence becomes a subtle balance between sheltered safety and finding the truth. Will Danny ever come across the truth? Is justice being served? Are the monsters his father speaks of even real or just fictional characters developed in a distressed mind? Watch out for this amazing series as it is one of the best shows in June 2023.

Releasing on June 7 (Hulu)

Secret Invasion 

Set in the Marvel cinematic universe, Captain Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) is all set to return alongside Ben Mendelsohn to invade Earth composed of a group of Skrull Talos aka Mendelson. However, Fury calls out to his most trusted allies and sets off on this mission of invading the land taken over by Skrull Talos.

Secret Invasion
Secret Invasion (Credits: YouTube)

A typical Marvel movie, where knowledge, skill, and resolute determination to chuck the enemy out of the box, “Secret Invasion” will definitely experience. What will be the fate of Skrull Talos? Is he going to leave Earth or not? You will also find Ben Kingsley, Killian Scott, Dermot Mulroney, Charlayne Woodard, Samuel Adewumni, Christopher McDonald, Don Cheadle, and Katie Finnerman in the series.

Release Date: Premiere on June 21, then weekly episodes (Disney Plus)

The Full Monty 

Get ready to unite with the 1997 British hit film in this series, as nothing since then has changed at all. The upcoming TV show in June 2023 is a tribute and heartfelt sequel to the unforgettable story. Picking up exactly where it left twenty-five years ago, the show takes us through the generation of seven prime ministers and eight Northern regeneration policies.

The Full Monty
Source: The Full Monty (Credits: Disney Plus)

Well, this time you won’t get the delight of watching our steel-workers turned dancers stepping into their dance shoes. Instead, they have boarded a new journey that will dunk the audience in the rich artistry of their lives. Buckle up as you are ready to witness a delightful soap opera mixed with a little humor and comedy.

Releasing on June 14 (Hulu)

Outlander Season 7

Finally, we do have some good news on the drought of the Outlander series. The revolution is all set to begin as Outlander Season 7 premiers this June to deal with the American Revolution. Of course, there are tensions in the colonies, but the war is on top. In medias res, Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) is in prison after being accused of a crime she hasn’t even committed.

Outlander Season 7
Outlander Season 7 (Credits: amazon)

And as a non-shocker, Jamie (Sam Seughan) is turning the tables over to make sure she’s out of prison as soon as possible. However, their home back in North Carolina is shedding blood. All their dreams and wishes are lying scattered in the form of dead bodies. Watch how the United States of America came into existence after the Americans realized that the colonies were always going to prevail.

Releasing on June 16 (Starz)

And Just Like That Season 2

Well, Sarah Jessica Parker once said, “Life’s too short to not try something new”. It does make a lot of sense now, as we are all entangled in the chaotic circle of life. When she made this statement during an interview for “Sex in the City”, little did we know that an old love would reappear in her life just like that. Moreover, drumrolls as Aidan’s return is confirmed.

We are pretty much excited to see how things turn out for Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan Shaw. Is it just a friendly catch-up or is there more spice to the dish? After looking at some of the pictures from the set, it is pretty visible that the two might rekindle their relationship. Frankly, do we want that? A part of us doesn’t want that to happen.

And Just Like That
And Just Like That (Credits: IMDb)

Well, Carrie grieving her widowhood and having sex with random old men is the cherry on top. Sources suggest that Kim Cattrall will reprise her role as Samantha Jones for the finale episode of this season as well. However, things seem really good as because everything is going at the right pace. Charlotte is facing the wrath of teenage hormones, whereas Miranda is still mooning over Che. As the new season unfolds, we will have answers to all our contemplating questions. Let’s have our hopes high and look forward to the relationship that Carrie and Aidan are going to share in the upcoming season.  

Releasing on June 22 (Max)

The Witcher Season 3 Part 1 

It’s the last time we’re witnessing Henry Cavill as the Geralt of Rivia, and it’s not a happy feeling. You know a show has touched your soul when its final announcement feels like heartache. It’s high time we finally get to watch Geralt having feelings. How can one not feel? The Witcher Season 2 Part 1 will put Geralt, Ciri, and Jennifer in more worry than they’ve ever witnessed before. Ciri is in trouble as the wraith riders, aka “The Wild Hunt,” are coming to take her.

The Witcher Season 3
The Witcher Season 3 Part 1 (Credits: netflix)

Besides that, we will get to unleash more of Ciri’s magical powers as Yennefer leads her to the fortress of Aretzua. It’s on them; either they can stay together, fight back and protect each other, or give up hope. Since The Witcher Season 4 is starring Liam Hems worth, we don’t know how this particular will bridge the gap between the two.

We might expect the ending of something as the beginning beautiful or maybe tragic; we never know. netflix has already announced the split of the third season into two halves; the second one is airing most probably in July. However, expect the unexpected is what we’ll say. Keep your hopes high, as The Witcher Season 3 is one of the best TV shows in June 2023. 

Releasing on June 29 (netflix)

Black Mirror Season 6

Black Mirror is all set to return to the screen after a gap of four large years. However, living in an era where AI is proving to be more dangerous than ever, this TV show will definitely enhance contemporary technological advancements.

Although netflix hasn’t revealed much about the upcoming season of the show, we know that it is definitely going in this generation of artificial intelligence and technology. While the specifications are kept discreet, netflix has released the titles of the show concerning five different stories being portrayed in it. 

Black Mirror Season 6
Black Mirror (Credits: netflix)

One of the titles is “Joan is Awful”, a meta-tale that talks about the life of a regular woman who finds out that her life has now been transformed into a series. The character is played by none other than the beautiful Salma Hayek. Besides that, you will also find Aaron Paul in the “Beyond The Sea” episode. The episode takes him all the way to everything is turned upside down. No matter what, Black Mirror Season 6 is one of the best TV shows in June 2023, and it is a must-watch. 

Release Date: Not Yet Announced but June for sure (netflix)

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