Darius Jackson Surrenders Guns After Keke Palmer’s Restraining Order

Darius Jackson Surrenders Guns After Keke Palmers Restraining Order

It was confirmed by US Weekly that, Darius Jackson surrendered his gun after Keke Palmer, his ex-girlfriend, was allowed a restraining order.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department recently reported that Darius Jackson, who is 29 years old, has given up his Glock 34 firearm and two of the magazines, a cleaning rod, and a speed loader.

The case and manual of the gun was also seized by the cops. Darius agreed to give up his gun after 30-year-old Palmer, filed and was allowed a restraining order last year.
Jackson and Palmer were dating each other from August 2021 until October 2023. One month after Palmer filed for a restraining order against Jackson, alleging he was physically violent and stored guns in the home, their split became public knowledge.
In addition, the actress asked for complete custody of Leodis, their son, who was born in February 2023.

Family Involvement and Other Controversy

Family members were also embroiled in the debate surrounding the drama of the restraining order. Amidst the accusations, Darius’s brother, Sarunas Jackson, an Insecure alum, spoke up for his sibling.

Disgusting, horrible, abusive, and manipulative, is how Sarunas described Palmer in a post that has since been removed, accusing her of abusing nearly everyone. The already complicated position became even more complicated as a result of these assertions.

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson
Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson (Credits: Getty Images)

Sharon Palmer, Keke’s mother, publicly chastised Sarunas for his defense of Darius, claiming that he was aware of Darius’s violent behavior. She said that more than a year ago, she told Sarunas about Darius’s aggressive behavior and accused him of continuing the abuse cycle.

Sarunas has angrily refuted Sharon’s accusations, rejecting any previous knowledge of Darius’s activities and disputing any accusations of his involvement in abusive behavior. The high-profile court struggle around the family crisis has become more intense as a result of this public conversation.

After their split became public, Palmer’s turbulent relationship with Jackson came to light, which caused her to petition for a restraining order against Jackson.

She charged him in her file of physical abuse and keeping weapons in the home. She also asked for complete custody of their baby, Leodis. Palmer finally had her request for a temporary restraining order approved, and it was subsequently extended.

Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer (Credits: Getty Images)

According to court records that they were able to get, the protection order will end on July 16. In addition, the fact that the ex-couple is presently attending mediation suggests a difficult and drawn-out legal procedure. Jackson angrily refuted all of Palmer’s accusations, including the ones about his handling of Leodis.

Jackson presented a different image in court filings from December 2023, claiming that Palmer was the “primary aggressor” and had acted abusively in their 2.5-year relationship.

Sarunas denied Sharon’s claims

Sharon spoke when she told Sarunas that his brother had abused my daughter more than a year ago, he responded, he used to be like that too, so what? At the time, Sharon claimed in an Instagram video that Sarunas had taught his brother how to be abusive to women. Thus, he is not entitled to act like this unique individual.

Since then, Sarunas has refuted Sharon’s allegations, denying that he ever behaved abusively in the past or that he ever spoke with Sharon about Darius’ said behavior.

Darius Jackson’s Net Worth

Throughout his career, famed American football player Darius Jackson has had a big influence on the sports business. Darius, who was born in 1993, has shown to be incredibly talented and dedicated, which has helped him to reach amazing success.

Darius Jackson
Darius Jackson (Credits: Getty Images)

It is projected that Jackson’s net worth will be around $3 million as of 2024. Darius Jackson is with Inspire Studios as a fitness teacher at the moment. His upbringing in a sporting atmosphere has inspired him to pursue his passion for fitness.

Jackson is pursuing a job where he can use fitness to positively affect people’s lives because he wants to assist others and himself to stay in shape. Jackson delights in the enthusiasm and camaraderie that come with working in a team atmosphere as a fitness teacher.

He helps people reach their fitness objectives by using his knowledge and experience as a guide and inspiration. Jackson is committed to assisting people in achieving greater physical well-being, whether it be by creating individualized training regimens or instructing group fitness sessions.


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