Did Ruesha Littlejohn And Katie McCabe Break Up? Answered

Katie McCabe and Ruesha Littlejohn

Want to know if Ruesha Littlejohn and Katie McCabe broke up? These football players aren’t just prominent on the field but also in their romantic relationships. Yes, you read that right!

The Women’s Association Football very much supports the LGBT community. When it comes to Ruesha Littlejohn and  Katie McCabe, they stayed commented romantically for several years. In case you didn’t know, the two publicized it in 2019. What happened now? How true are their split rumors? 

Ruesha Littlejohn is a versatile footballer who currently plays for Aston Villa FC. Along with this, she also plays for the Republic of Ireland national team. Hailing from Glasgow, Ruesha plays as a striker and midfielder.

Earlier, she served for various other teams such as West Ham United, Birmingham City, London Bees, Liverpool, Celtic, Arsenal North, etc. As she played for Glasgow City, Ruesha won the Scottish FA Cup thrice. 

On the other hand, Katie McCabe is another great player, serving for the Women’s Super League, Arsenal. Not to forget to mention, Katie also serves as the captain of the Republic of Ireland women’s national team. When it comes to her positions, she plays as a winger, forward, and full-back.

Earlier, Katie McCabe played for Shelbourne and Raheny United. As far as Katie’s achievements are concerned, the notable one has been her FA Women’s League Cup win. 

Coming back to Ruesha Littlejohn and Katie McCabe’s relationship, the football couple sparked split rumors. The news surprised each of their fans, wondering what went wrong. But, some people are still not convinced and are confused instead. What do you think? Did Ruesha Littlejohn and Katie McCabe break up? 

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Ruesha Littlejohn And Katie McCabe Break Up: Everything To Know

Here comes the bad news. Yes, it’s true. Ruesha Littlejohn and Katie McCabe broke up after dating for seven long years. The Arsenal player recently confirmed the news of their break up. So it’s official that they aren’t together anymore.

Did Ruesha Littlejohn And Katie McCabe Break Up?
Katie McCabe (Credit: Sky Sports)

In a recent interview, Katie McCabe was asked how she felt after getting called as the Ireland captain in 2017. She referred to Ruesha as her love interest but used the past tense.

In other words, she said, “My partner at the time.” This highly signifies that Ruesha Littlejohn and Katie McCabe are not dating each other. When did they split? It’s likely to have happened in May 2023. A couple of months ago. Even though Katie hinted at their separation, she didn’t cite any reason behind it. 

We aren’t much sure why Katie McCabe’s relationship with her long-time girlfriend, Ruesha Littlejohn, ended. It’s also not known if they are still in touch. Being in the same profession, it gets quite difficult for ex-lovers to deal with post-breakup, if not on good terms. 

Did Ruesha Littlejohn And Katie McCabe Break Up?
Ruesha Littlejohn (Credit: The Independent)

Ruesha Littlejohn and Katie McCabe met through football back in 2007. The latter was always very much vocal in public about their romance throughout their relationship. It was Katie who said, “I got to know her through football first, and we became good friends at the start.” She further added, saying, “We then began spending a lot more time together off the pitch socializing together, and it kicked off from there.” 

Best Wishes to both Ruesha Littlejohn and Katie McCabe for the upcoming days of their lives. Many of you may get disappointed after knowing the news. But that’s okay! Relationships are meant to bring happiness.

Ruesha and Katie are both consenting adults and must have taken the decision wisely. We are hopeful that both players are happy now in their respective lives. That matters the most. 

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