Oh My Girl Banhana (Oh My Girl Sub-unit): Debut, Members, Songs & Albums

Oh My Girl Banhana

When we talk about K-pop, certain things come to our mind, which are the amazing dance of K-pop idols, their mesmerizing visuals, and their soothing vocals. We can observe many K-pop stans in our own surroundings too. Today, nobody is completely unaware of K-pop and its influence.

If you are also a K-pop fan, you must have heard about the different genres of K-pop music and also different types of K-pop groups. One of the types is ‘K-pop sub-units.’ In sub-units, some members of the same K-pop group or members of groups under the same label work together to explore their true potential as artists. 

You may know many sub-units like EXO-CBX, GOT7’s JJ Project, Red Velvet – Irene and Seulgi, etc. These all are some of the best and most popular sub-units in today’s time. In this article, we will be discussing a similar sub-unit of the group ‘Oh My Girl’ named ‘Oh MY Girl Banhana.’

Oh My Girl Banhana: Debut

Oh My Girl Banhana is a sub-unit of the group ‘Oh My Girl.’ The group debuted on 20th April 2015 under the agency ‘WM Entertainment,’ with its debut extended play (EP) ‘Oh My Girl.’ 

Members of Oh My Girl Banhana
Members of Oh My Girl Banhana (Credits: WM Entertainment)

On 2nd April 2018, the group released its new album, “Oh My Girl Banhana- Banana Allergy Monkey.” The album’s title track ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ was sung by its first sub-unit, which consisted of three members- Hyojung, Yubin, and Arin. The sub-unit was named ‘Oh My Girl Banhana.’

In August 2018, the sub-unit debuted with the Japanese version of the EP- Banana Allergy Monkey. 

Oh My Girl Banhana: Members

The sub-unit Oh My Girl Banhana consists of three members, “Hyojung, Yubin, and Arin,” from the group Oh My Girl. The members debuted with a special album and later released the same album in the Japanese version. 


Hyojung’s birth name is “Choi Hyojung.” She was born in Yangyang, Gangwon, South Korea, on 28th July 1994. Her height is 158cm (5’2″).  Her position in the group is of ‘the leader, main vocalist, and lead dancer.’

Hyojung from Oh My Girl Banhana
Hyojung from Oh My Girl Banhana (Credits: WM Entertainment)

Hyojung is also a former trainee of ‘Soul Shop Entertainment.’ She was a trainee at WM Entertainment for a time period of only six months. She has a vlogging channel of her own on YouTube- 쩡이언니.

Her Instagram handle is- 오마이걸 효정 (@candyz_hyojung) • Instagram photos and videos.


Yubin’s birth name is “Bae Yu Bin.” She was born in Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea, on 9th September 1997. Her height is 161cm (5’3″). Her position in the group is of ‘the lead vocalist and visual.’

Yubin from Oh My Girl Banhana
Yubin from Oh My Girl Banhana (Credits: WM Entertainment)

She was a childhood actress and acted in many dramas, like ‘ ‘I Love You, Don’t Cry,‘ ‘King of Baking Kim Takgu,’ ‘Beethoven Virus,’ etc. When she debuted, her stage name was ‘Binnie,’ but on 19th January 2022, it was changed to ‘Yubin.’

Her Instagram handle is- 배유빈 / BAE YUBIN (@baeyu_b) • Instagram photos and videos.


Arin’s birth name is “Choi Ye-won.” She was born in Busan, South Gyeongnam, South Korea, on 18th June 1999. Her height is 169cm (5’5″). Her position in the group is of the main dancer, center, and vocalist.

Arin from Oh My Girl Banhana
Arin from Oh My Girl Banhana (Credits: WM Entertainment)

She is the youngest as well as the tallest member of the group. Her role models are Suzy and Taeyeon. She became a trainee at WM Entertainment in 2013. 

Her Instagram handle is- Arin (@ye._.vely618) • Instagram photos and videos.

Songs and Albums 

Oh My Girl Banhana sub-unit released a special debut album on 2nd April 2018, “Banana Allergy Monkey.” It also released an OST, “Clean With Passion, For Now, OST Part 1,” in 2018. The group also released a Japanese version of the album “Banana Allergy Monkey.”

The group released a special winter album on 7th December 2020, “PO~MYGIRL BANHANA for CHRISTMAS,” with Pororo having the title track “Snow Ball.” The first digital single of the sub-unit is “Love Is.” It was released on 14th August 2022.  

All the albums and songs of the sub-unit are pretty popular and amazing. They have gotten a lot of praise from their fans too. The sub-unit is full of talent consisting of cute members. They deserve great success for their amazing talent and the happiness they spread worldwide.


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