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On Air K pop Group

K-pop fever has been taking over the whole world for the past two decades. People in South Korea as well as people in other countries are mesmerized by the talent of K-pop idols. With their difficult training and super-tight schedules, only some K-pop idols manage to get the popularity they deserve.

K-pop truly shakes the boundaries of traditional music and proves that music has no language barriers. Nowadays, K-pop’s popularity is increasing a lot. When we talk about groups like BTS, Blackpink, Seventeen, etc., we get to know that many people are sincerely inspired by their music, and it provides them with mental peace.

Some K-Pop groups achieve so much popularity even before their debut. One of those groups is- “ON AIR.” It is one of the groups that have huge fandoms before their debut. On Air has many fans rooting for them and wishing them good luck for their debut.

ON AIR: Debut

The debut date of On Air is currently unknown, but most probably, they will debut in 2023. Kimi, one of the members of On Air, informed about their upcoming group by posting about it on her social media handle. She used the hashtags- ‘#ONAIR and #commingsoon.’ On 16th November 2023, the agency’ J-Star Entertainment introduced the rest of the group members.

On Air changed their agency from ‘J-Star Entertainment’ to ‘SW Entertainment’ in January 2023. And also, the group’s name was changed to ‘St On Air,’ but was turned back to ‘On Air’ after some time.

ON AIR: Members

On Air consists of four members- Kimi, Sohyeon, Jihye, and Namkyung. All the members are super-talented and are great dancers. Some of the members are also former soloists and members of other groups.

The unique thing about this group is that the ages of its members are not very young. They are between the ages of 26 years to 30 years as of 2023. But their fans support them with all their heart and strength. They have become an example of ‘Talent matters more than age.’ 

Members of On Air
Members of On Air (Credits: SW Entertainment)


Kimi’s birth name is ‘Kim Min Ji.’ She was born in South Korea on 20th January 1993. She is the leader and main rapper of the group. She was a member of ‘Leader’ under the stage name ‘Habin’ and also a former member of Scarlet, Bulldok, and WeGirls as ‘Kimi.’ On 25th August 2017, she debuted as a soloist.

Kimi from On Air
Kimi from On Air (Credits: SW Entertainment)


Sohyeon’s birth name is ‘Ahn Sohyeon.’ She was born in Seoul, South Korea, on 27th August 1992. She is the main vocalist of the group. She was a member of ‘Tahiti’ under the stage name ‘Jerry.’ On 25th December 2019, she debuted as a soloist.

Sohyeon from On Air
Sohyeon from On Air (Credits: SW Entertainment)


Jihye’s birth name is ‘Ryu Jihye.’ She was born in South Korea on 21st October 1996. She is the main vocalist of the group. Before On Air, she was a member of ‘Byulzzi.’ She graduated in 2015 from ‘Seoul Music High School.’

Jihye from On Air
Jihye from On Air (Credits: SW Entertainment)


Namkyung’s birth name is ‘Lee Namkyung.’ She was born in Seoul, South Korea, on 31st January 1997. She is the main dancer of the group. She is the youngest member of the group. She is the only member in the group who was not a part of any other group before On Air.

Namkyung from On Air
Namkyung from On Air (Credits: SW Entertainment)

Songs and Albums

The group has not debuted yet, but because three of the members were K-pop idols under other agencies before joining On Air, some music pieces are associated with them.

  • Kimi has released two digital singles, “I Am” (2017) and “Mammy Mammy” (2018). She was also featured in BNAM’s- ‘Wanna See My Dog?’ in 2023.
  • During her solo career, Sohyeon released two digital singles, “Come Back Again” (2019) and “Paradise” (2020). She has also worked in OSTs: “How Are u Bread” with Minjae and “Together Part 1” with Park Seeun in 2020.
  • Jihye is a former member of ‘Byulzzi’ and worked with the group on one digital single, “Bbibbo Bbibbo,” in 2020.  

With their extreme talent, all the members of On Air are certain to gain popularity and amaze everybody with their talents. They will surely make a huge impact on the K-pop industry. 

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