Progression Of Recent Earthquakes Mimic Those From Makoto Shinkai’s “Suzume”


Japan, known for its susceptibility to earthquakes, recently experienced a bizarre coincidence that left many scratching their heads. Following the release of Makoto Shinkai’s film Suzume, two earthquakes struck Kyushu Island and Ehime Prefecture, mimicking the exact journey of the movie’s protagonist.

A Scene from the movie (Credits – Makoto Shinkai)

Suzume, the central character, heads on a journey that takes her from Kyushu Island’s Miyazaki city to Matsuyama city in Ehime prefecture, then to Kobe city in Hyogo prefecture, the Tokyo Metropolitan area, and finally back to her hometown in the Tohoku region.

A Twitter user named Rui pointed out the striking resemblance between Suzume’s itinerary and the locations affected by the earthquakes.

The tweet sparked a wave of speculation and discussion online, with many intrigued by the uncanny correlation. Some pondered whether nature was following Shinkai’s script, anticipating the next earthquake to occur in Kobe city or Ochanomizu, Tokyo, based on Suzume’s journey.

However, as time passed without any seismic activity in these areas, others dismissed the connection as mere coincidence.

A Poster for the movie (credits – Makoto Shinkai)

Rui, the original poster, clarified their intentions, expressing admiration for Suzume and sharing the observation without any ill intent. They emphasized that the similarity between the movie plot and real-life events was purely coincidental and apologized to anyone who may have been offended by the post.

Despite the lighthearted speculation, the unsettling nature of the coincidence left many hoping that no further earthquakes would occur. With fingers crossed, the Japanese populace remains vigilant, hoping that any future seismic activity will steer clear of the paths laid out in Makoto Shinkai’s fictional narrative.



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