Vera Salt and Vinegar Filming Locations: Where is the Series Filmed?

Vera Salt and Vinegar Filming Locations

Brenda Blethyn returned to her native Northumberland to film the latest series, which began at the end of May 2023. Over the Bank Holiday weekend, the cast and crew worked on new scenes in Hexham, using the Market Place and St Mary’s Chare as backdrops.

After that, they moved to Wylam, where the Wylam Waggonway was resurfaced as part of the preparations for the shoot, which had taken place around Points Bridge below Hagg Bank.

When the cast moved back to North Shields early in June, fans flocked to catch a scene where Blethyn and co-star David Leon strolled along Fish Quay. Later that month, the couple was spotted outside a Gosforth home on Kenton Avenue, and Vera’s beloved Landrover was parked nearby.

Early in June, when the cast returned to film in North Shields, fans flocked to see a scene in which Blethyn and co-star David Leon strolled along Fish Quay. In the latter part of that month, Vera’s well-known Landrover was parked close to the couple when they were seen outside a house on Kenton Avenue in Gosforth.

Production then moved into The Hooch pub on Newcastle Quayside in July. For a storyline, the bar’s front was converted into a cafe called Grounded Out, with Blethyn and Leon sitting in its window. For the scene, onlookers described their expressions as “fraught and tense.”

Additionally, the Crown Court was the location of filming, and it is thought that the quayside scenes will appear in the second of the next new episodes. Throughout the summer, there were plenty of chances to snap pictures of the cast and crew at work, since it’s hard to keep the well-known large-scale operation under wraps.

Vera Salt and Vinegar Filming Locations
Still from Vera Salt and Vinegar (Credit-iTV)

For example, in May, a significant number of production trailers were spotted parked close to Thorp Academy Secondary School and outside Ryton Rugby Club. The trailers were so big that a section of the parking lot had to be blocked off to make room for them. Cast members were also observed in Gateshead, working on scenes at the Metrocentre.

In August, Vera traveled to Redcar in Teesside to shoot additional scenes, some of which were included in Sunday night’s Salt & Vinegar series finale. She also traveled to North Yorkshire, where she set up what was called “a crime scene” near a railway in the Redmire area, followed by filming in Bedale.

Vera Salt and Vinegar Filming Locations

Vera, which is making a comeback for its thirteenth season, was filmed in the northeast region of England. Brenda Blethyn plays Detective Chief Inspector Vera of the fictional Northumberland and City Police in the adored, long-running detective series.

Joe Ashworth’s character Leon makes a comeback to the show after spending nearly ten years away from it at the conclusion of series 4. As seen in the backdrop of the scene, this historic market town in Northumberland is well-known for its medieval Hexham Abbey. The Shambles is a covered market that dates back to 1766 and is home to Meddon’s Fruit and Veg stall.

Scene from Vera Salt and Vinegar
Scene from Vera Salt and Vinegar (Credit-iTV)

St Mary’s Chare, an old shopping street off the Market Place in Hexham, served as the location for filming of the narrow street. The Little Mexico restaurant located at 4 Market Street is actually the Pequeña Mexicana restaurant.

The Wylam Railway Bridge, commonly referred to as Hagg Bank Bridge, served as the crime scene location. About a mile from Hagg Bank Bridge, the Wylam Train Station and the River Tyne Bridge can be seen in the previous establishing shot.

One of the earliest Christian locations in England, it was first established as a Benedictine monastery in the seventh century. The present abbey building, which was built mostly in the twelfth century, is a prime example of Norman architecture, with Gothic and Victorian features added and altered over the years.

Since Northumberland and City Police Station is set in Newcastle, there are sporadic establishing shots of the famous Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the River Tyne area featuring Vera’s equally famous old blue Land Rover Defender 90 throughout the series. This episode also features the Anchor Hotel and the lovely Old Haydon Bridge.

In order to maintain its historic significance, this 17th-century bridge is not open to automobile traffic. With the charming Low Lighthouse in the backdrop, Vera and Leon are enjoying a cup of tea at the North Shields Fish Quay.


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