VTuber Legend Anime Sparks Laughter with Ronaldo’s Viral Gesture Reference

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The VTuber Legend anime debuted on July 7, 2024, surprising many with its instant popularity despite stiff competition from highly anticipated returning series like Tower of God season 2 and Oshi no Ko.

What set VTuber Legend apart was its adept incorporation of humor and numerous references, particularly a notable nod to a real-life event involving Cristiano Ronaldo from June 2021.

Episode 1 introduces Yuki Tanaka, a 20-year-old former office worker who joins Live-One, a prominent VTuber company in Japan. Her unexpected viral success propels her into a new career as an unfiltered VTuber, navigating the complexities and unexpected turns of online fame.

Among the anime’s highlights, fans quickly picked up on a scene referencing Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial gesture during a press conference where he moved Coca-Cola bottles out of view, causing a significant drop in the company’s stock value.

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VTuber Legend (Cruchyroll)

This real-world event became a meme and cultural touchstone, and VTuber Legend cleverly integrates it into its narrative, showcasing Yuki mimicking Ronaldo’s action, albeit with alcohol instead of soda.

Fan reactions to this reference were swift and enthusiastic. Many viewers appreciated the anime’s ability to tap into current global memes, a rarity in Japanese anime, which often focuses on humor and references more familiar within Japan itself.

The inclusion of such a recent and internationally recognized meme added an extra layer of appeal and relevance to VTuber Legend, sparking discussions and generating buzz online.

Social media platforms buzzed with comments highlighting the anime’s cultural relevance and comedic timing. Fans expressed surprise and delight at seeing a contemporary Western meme play out in an anime setting, underscoring VTuber Legend’s efforts to appeal beyond its domestic audience.

As VTuber Legend continues its season, fans eagerly anticipate more humorous moments and clever references, curious to see how the series will navigate the intersection of real-world events and fictional storytelling. With its strong start and engaging premise,

VTuber Legend has positioned itself as a standout among this season’s anime offerings, drawing viewers into Yuki’s journey as she navigates the unpredictable world of virtual stardom.

For those interested in experiencing VTuber Legend firsthand, the anime is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Ani-One Asia’s YouTube channel, animated by Studio TNK, known for its previous work on popular series like Highschool DxD.

As the season unfolds, VTuber Legend promises to deliver more laughs and surprises, cementing its place in the hearts of anime fans worldwide.


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