When A Snail Falls in Love Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

when a snail falls in love

Is When a Snail Falls in Love Season 2 releasing any time soon? What can we expect from When a Snail Falls in Love, Season 2? If you are one of the fans who is ready to learn more about this, then you are at the right place since we will reveal everything about it.

In this drama, we see Ji Bai played by Wang Kai, and Wang Ziwen portrays Xu Xu, Zhao Han is portrayed by Yu Heng, and Yao Meng is portrayed by Xue Yue. The actor Zhao Yuanyuan plays Ye Zixi. Let us learn more about the premise and cast of the show before learning about the new season.

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What is the premise of When a Snail Falls in Love?

We met Ji Bai, the unit’s commander, who is less than pleased to see rookie police profiler Xu join the Major Crimes team. Xu Xu is a peculiar person who lacks any kind of physical power yet is incredibly acute when it comes to reading body language and drawing conclusions.

When A Snail Falls in Love cast
When A Snail Falls in Love’s Still. (Credits: WeTV)

She is merely an obstacle in Ji Bai’s eyes for his team. He forewarns Xu that if she fails the physical examination after her three-month trial period, she will be permanently kicked from the squad. However, this police unit gets charged with investigating a case involving Ye Zixi, one of Ji Bai’s lifelong friends. Her family, the Ye family, is in charge of a company that, despite its gleaming exterior, is in disarray.

There are many connections to a far darker business that extends beyond China’s borders, even deeper beneath the surface of the financial difficulties. Xu then begins to notice a softer side to Ji Bai as she uses her incredible talent for profiling crimes to aid her team in this case.

She then begins to learn more about what it means to be a law enforcement officer and the sacrifices that they have to make as she approaches him as a teacher. When a Snail Falls in Love, which is based on the same-named book, tackles a gloomy concept and doesn’t sugarcoat it. However, a tiny romance between Xu Xu and Ji Bai still has a chance to develop despite their involvement in risky missions and criminals.


One of the less applauded features of the drama When a Snail Falls in Love was its soundtrack. That does not imply that it was poor, though. Personally, it didn’t have much of an effect on me.

We believe that a big part of this is because the majority of the music utilized was instrumental music specifically designed to fit the scene they were in, whether it was a somber song for a sorrowful moment or a fast-moving piece for an action sequence.

When A Snail Falls in Love thai drama
When A Snail Falls in Love’s Still. (Credits: WeTV)

In general, we merely describe them as effective for the purpose they served, which was to set the scene. The concluding theme tune, which appeared intermittently throughout the drama’s runtime, is the only OST I can recall having actual lyrics.

The song had a soft, sluggish beat that appeared to complement the story’s most tragic scenes.


One of the highlights of this drama was, without a doubt, the cinematography when A Snail Falls in Love was, indeed, as per fans and watchers, professionally shot like a big movie.

Transitions were flawless, nothing felt forced or manufactured, and the attention to detail was astounding. The most remarkable parts of the drama overall, in particular, were the opening shots of the scenery and surroundings.


This drama’s marketing team portrayed it in a fairly deceptive manner as being far more “romance-centric” than it is.  This is best illustrated by the first trailer, which I will post below.

One would be seriously misled to see When a Snail Falls in Love without anticipating a lighthearted romance with a dash of police badassery because the true narrative is much grimmer.

When A Snail Falls in Love Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled

The show makers have so far not mentioned anything on the renewal status for When A Snail Falls in Love Season 2, neither did they cancel it. But given the novel’s story we can expect the show to come out with another season anytime soon. Till then, you can stream the show via WeTV and catch this space regularly to learn more about the show’s renewal status.

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